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Audrey Carlan

#1 New York Times and International Bestselling Author

Andreia has translated twelve of my titles into Portuguese to date. I have had zero complaints about the quality and accuracy of the translations from my publishers. As an author, it is very important to know that my words are being translated in a way that consistently keeps my tone, personality and point of view in my works. Andreia also makes additional effort to contact the author if there are concerns with a specific phrase due to American colloquialisms to ensure the quality of the prose. Andreia’s translations are so good I have recommended her countless times to other bestselling authors and publishers in the industry. They have used her services and thanked me in return. 


My publishers are in negotiations for five more of my titles and I’m eager to have Andreia be the professional assigned to translate them. With her on the job, I know my work will stay true to the story that I’m telling and the prose spot on. I’d recommend her for any translating position and hope to use her for many years to come.

Ana Vela

Hart's desires series

Excellent translator, works quickly, and very nice person. Highly recommend!

Jill Blake

Santa Monica Trilogy

This is the third book of mine that Andreia has translated -- need I say more? She is a pleasure to interact with, and does a wonderful job with both the translation and promotion of each book.

Julie Farrell

Tycoon Bilionaire's serie

An absolute pleasure to work with - thank you Andreia for everything! :)

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